Book Review – Paint It Black

Review of Paint It Black by Janet Fitch51FRC--aFSL

This is easily one of my favorite books of all time and is one of a handful of books that inspired me towards wanting to be a writer. The story itself is so bold and outlandish, yet it was one that I unexpectedly related to in a number of ways. While the character of Josie is raw and borderline outlandish at some times, she is ultimately human which gives this story so much of its pure emotion. There is a certain air of familiarity to Paint It Black Paint, although I don’t think that can be attributed to its setting of the 1980s Los Angeles rock scene. Josie and all of her relationships come off as broken and difficult while still being extremely sincere. Fitch’s third novel is no modern fairy tale, there is no magic, or surprise twist, yet it is beyond captivating in its determination to tell not any tale, but a purely human one. Paint It Black was heartbreaking, breathtaking, and completely beautiful. Most importantly, it was honest.
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