A Little Commentary Post

For the final commentary post of this semester I decided to focus on a blog with a closer relation to what I hope to be

Kathryn Morgan in NYCB's The Nutcracker (Image courtesy of Google images)
Kathryn Morgan in NYCB’s The Nutcracker (Image courtesy of Google images)

pursuing directly out of college, ballet. While many dancers have blogs where they share their own personal pictures and videos, I was seeking out a blog with much more writing than the average swan queen website tends to have. Thus I happened upon If the Pointe Shoe Fits, an insightful ballet blog run by Kathryn Morgan who is a former soloist with the New York City Ballet, one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in the United States. Several aspects that I examined within Morgan’s post entitled “Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright” and paid special attention to the format of the post, the information presented, and her overall engagement with her audience on her blog as a whole.

New York City Ballet Logo (Image courtesy of Google Images)
New York City Ballet Logo (Image courtesy of Google Images)

First and foremost, I selected this particular post because it is presented as an eleven minute long video segment as opposed to the more common written article format. For me, this video was the perfect length for the topic and for the type of blog it is posted on. Many of her viewers are most likely dancers who are already inclined towards a visual presentation of information. Additionally, most dancers do not always have a ton of free time to read lengthy articles or watch extremely long videos. Rather, all of the vital information is compact and easy to understand. The second element of the video is the information that Morgan presents. She talks about a very important topic, how to

Kathryn Morgan in NYCB's Sleeping Beauty (Image courtesy of Google Images)
Kathryn Morgan in NYCB’s Sleeping Beauty (Image courtesy of Google Images)

shake off stage fright and audition nerves, two factors that affect all dancers at some point or another in their careers. She provides advice that makes sense from dancer to dancer as opposed to advice from a doctor or a councilor. Morgan also describes her own experiences of dancing in New York City Ballet’s production of Sleeping Beauty and how she countered the nervousness that crept with her at certain points throughout the show. As a dancer who has performed on one of the greatest stages in the world, Kathryn Morgan’s advice is extremely valuable for any and all dancers who struggle with nervous tension during moments of pressure. I also wanted to take a look at how this former ballerina engages with her audience and found that she responds to almost every single post on her website. By taking the opinions and post ideas from her followers, Morgan is able to gain their trust and build an even stronger audience base. Unlike many other ballet blogs I combed through on the internet, Kathryn Morgan’s blog is not used to promote herself, but rather to help other aspiring ballerinas to improve in all aspects of dance.


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